Vickie has been writing since 1988. She sold her first article in 1989 and has since published more than 200 articles, devotionals, and book reviews in more than fifty regional and national publications. These include Woman's Touch, Mature Living, The War Cry, Christian Standard, Christian Education, God's Word for Today, Counselor and Her work is also included in several anthologies.

Vickie is the author of four novels, Postmark From the Past, Wheels of Justice, Moved, Left No Address, and Waiting for Joy. Other books include Psalms for the Common Man, a devotional book based on the Psalms in the Bible. She has published five gift books with Barbour Publishing for their Daymaker Series. These include 101 Keys for Life, 101 Things to be Thankful For, May Christ be the Center of Your Christmas, Star of  Wonder, and Simple Pleasures. Vickie also compiled a perpetual calendar, 365 Treasured Moments for Mothers and Daughters through Barbour Publishing. Vickie is co-author with Jo Huddleston of Writing 101: A Handbook of Tips and Encouragement for Writers and a gift book, Simply Christmas: Memories, Traditions, and Stories of the Season.

Vickie loves to mentor other writers and in 2009 founded the East Texas Christian Writer's Group which meets monthly for the purpose of encouraging and instructing writers in their pursuit of publication. She acts as director of the group which features published writers as speakers every month. She is also a member of the Northeast Texas Writers Organization.

When she's not writing, Vickie loves reading a good book or discussing them with other readers. She spent eighteen years working for an independent bookstore, first as a bookseller, then as manager and buyer for the store. She retired from the store in 2012 and writes fulltime from her home in the piney woods of East Texas.


 Bits and Pieces

  • Native Texan: Never lived anywhere else and don't want to. Most of my life has been spent in the Eastern part of the state but I was born in the west and there's still a place in my heart for that area. There's nothing like a West Texas sunset filling up the sky. I love cowboys, horses, boots and men that wear stetsons.  


  • Lifetime Reader: I've loved books since the day I learned to read. I would check out a book at the school library, stay up until I finished reading it and take it back the next day to check out another one. I think I've been a lifetime writer also. I've always enjoyed writing lists, jotting down thoughts and journaling in some form.


  • Worked as a professional cake decorator for thirteen years until I found my dream job working at a bookstore. It was more than a job. Being surrounded by words and knowledge every day as well as other people who were interested in those same things kept me feeling high on life. 


  • Writing is more than a profession for me. It's a calling. I feel I am meant to do this. I've written tons of material that's never seen publication but that doesn't mean I should stop. (Some of it, you wouldn't want to read.)


  • My husband and I, along with another couple, were at the White House on 9/11 when the plane flew into the Pentagon. It was a surreal experience I don't want to repeat.


  • Last, but certainly not least, I am a person of faith. It influences me in every aspect of my life from what I write to how I live, work and play. Yes, there is a God. I talk to Him daily.